Pratt & Whitney


When the jet engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney wanted to announce Global Material Solutions, an unprecedented new business in the aviation industry, it engaged Qorvis to coordinate a global launch and communications program.


Using multiple internal and external channels — from initial branding and materials to outreach to media, customers, and employees — Qorvis generated extensive global media coverage. Target audiences tested after the launch gauged a more than 75 percent positive response on the effect of this initiative on the industry.


Through a combination of social and traditional media, and rapid response and grassroots efforts, we helped Pratt & Whitney advance its position that the alternate engine was wasteful and unnecessary. Educational videos created and heavily distributed by Qorvis accounted for 57 percent of the search results for “alternate engine” on YouTube. This video campaign was so successful at reaching Congressional staff, staffers used arguments raised in the videos when meeting with GE lobbyists on the Hill. We continuously monitored and combated GE messaging through national media coverage, op-eds, letters to the editor and our grassroots activists to win the first ever legislative victory over the alternate engine.


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