Practice Groups

Qorvis provides a broad and diverse range of capabilities.

Our three Practice Groups were purpose-built to deliver clear and actionable strategies designed to tackle the most critical challenges facing our clients in today’s rapidly changing macroeconomy.

Strategic Communications

As a global strategic communications consultancy at the core, Qorvis has the reach and resources required to inform, engage, and influence the right audiences at the right time and across the right channels to tackle business-critical competitive and reputational challenges.

We leverage our industry expertise, interdisciplinary experience, and broad network of relationships with the media and key influencers to establish and meet measurable objectives for brand, market, and revenue performance.

Full-Spectrum Marketing & Communications

Our team offers a full spectrum of services from branding and public relations to digital marketing, social media management, and content. Qorvis helps clients build and manage their reputations, both online and offline, and our team of experts with diverse backgrounds and skills accomplish this goal. With a comprehensive range of marketing communication services, Qorvis offers clients a one-stop-shop for all marketing and branding needs.

Brand Strategy & Market Positioning

We provide brand strategy and market positioning services to clients. The first step is to conduct extensive research and analysis to identify the target audience and understand the competitive landscape. Based on this research, Qorvis works with clients to develop a brand positioning strategy that aligns with their business goals and values, sets them apart from their competitors and appeals to their target audience. This strategy is then implemented through tactics including message development, visual identity, and content. By providing a tailored and strategic approach to brand positioning, Qorvis helps clients build strong and recognizable brands that stand out in the market.

Public & Regulatory Affairs

We provide public affairs services to help clients navigate complex political and regulatory environments. Our team of experts specialize in government relations, public affairs, and advocacy, and works closely with clients to develop tailored strategies that meet specific needs. This includes everything from stakeholder mapping and coalition-building to advocacy campaigns and regulatory compliance. Our team has extensive experience working with government officials, industry associations, and other stakeholders to help clients achieve their objectives and protect their interests. Whether our clients need support with regulatory compliance, advocacy, or crisis management, we are committed to delivering results and helping them succeed.

Geopolitical Solutions

As the first firm to market a public diplomacy solution to the private and public sectors, Qorvis provides the unparalleled experience of former government officials and diplomats to change hearts and minds on the global stage. We find creative solutions for complicated situations to help corporations, countries, and high-net-worth individuals manage their worldwide reputations, protect their value, and develop new opportunities for future generations of citizens, shareholders, and progeny. We provide the personal one-to-one service and public diplomacy know-how that is essential for getting results from lobbying, research, public relations, and digital communications. Qorvis has implemented public diplomacy campaigns for more than 20 sovereign nations.

From international communications, sanctions mitigation, compliance, and public affairs services to specialist advice on sovereign issues, we offer a comprehensive menu of sophisticated products and services to inform, influence, and transform opinions. We have the experience necessary to cater to particular needs of the distinctive and demanding client.

International Communications

Our team works with clients around the world to develop and implement comprehensive communications strategies. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that come with communicating across different cultures and languages, and we have the expertise to help clients navigate these challenges effectively. Our services include everything from media relations and crisis management to digital marketing and social media management. We have experience working with government and non-governmental organizations to develop public-private partnerships and initiatives that promote economic growth and social development. Whether our clients need support with reputation management, market entry, or stakeholder engagement, we are committed to delivering strategic and results-driven solutions that meet their needs.

Geopolitical Intelligence & Strategy

We provide geopolitical intelligence services to help clients understand the complex political and economic landscape of key regions  around the world. Our team of experts specialize in geopolitical risk analysis, market research, and strategic planning, and we work closely with current and former government officials to provide actionable intelligence.

Public Diplomacy

Qorvis was the first to market public diplomacy services to both the private and foreign sovereign sectors. We recognized the need for strategic communication and public relations support for international clients seeking to improve their image and reputation in the United States. Our unique approach to public diplomacy involves leveraging a deep understanding of the political and media landscape to help clients navigate complex issues and achieve goals. By building strong relationships with key stakeholders and developing targeted messaging campaigns, Qorvis helps clients effectively communicate their values and perspectives to the American and international public.

Market Intelligence & Compliance

From our offices in Geneva, Switzerland, and Washington, D.C., our team has a long history of helping the world’s largest global commodities traders navigate an increasingly complex financial and regulatory environment, access capital markets, and be more transparent in communicating their operations and mitigating issues with international government organizations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Market Intelligence

We have a dedicated team of former reporters and government officials who specialize in gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing the latest and most accurate intelligence for corporations. We also leverage personal relationships and access to ensure insights are actionable and reliable. By partnering with our team, businesses stay ahead of the curve and make decisions based on the most up-to-date and accurate market intelligence.

Capital & Financial Transactions

When a complex transaction faces policy and regulatory issues, Qorvis deploys a team experienced in financial and government affairs. By following this practice, the transaction takes into account all potential factors and hazards in decision making, without solely relying on commercial considerations. Qorvis applies a thorough risk management approach along with a robust culture of ethics and compliance, with the goal of endorsement from regulatory bodies and policymakers.

Compliance & Transparency

Increasingly, counterparties and banks require customers to institute robust compliance and transparency measures. With substantial experience, Qorvis works with all sectors of the transparency chain – media, financial institutions, and government – to build best-in-class transparency programs.