Keep America Beautiful


Keep America Beautiful’s mission was to drive awareness of campaign to decrease cigarette litter across America, the Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP).


Qorvis was the agency of record for three years, leading a campaign that resulted in an average reduction of cigarette litter by 46% in communities participating in the program. We met communications objectives by increasing awareness of the adverse effects of cigarette litter on streets and waterways and the total negative effect of cigarette litter on local businesses and entire communities.


The CLPP launched in 2008 in 186 locations across the country. We tailored the outreach approach for each community and market by interviewing participating program leaders to gain a deep understanding of their issues, needs and plans. Using that detailed information, we drafted a localized press release for each community at the beginning and conclusion of the program. We also built targeted media lists for each community and conducted ongoing media outreach to local print, radio and television outlets. Additionally, we monitored and compiled all national and local media stories throughout the campaign.


Qorvis also provided all supporting materials to affiliates to further increase the program’s visibility, including flyers, fact sheets and public service announcement scripts.


During the program we secured 64 articles, nine television interviews, numerous radio interviews, and 33 press release postings for the participating local programs and the national program. The outreach resulted in an estimated 4.6 million impressions.


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