The British Embassy

Analyzing American Audiences for a Special Relationship.


The British Embassy in Washington, as part of its campaign to promote U.S. investment in its technology and research and development sectors, needed to better understand how to communicate effectively with American opinion leaders in the Washington policy arena and the scientific and research communities across the United States.


Qorvis Communications designed, fielded and interpreted a series of major opinion surveys of those target audiences. The goals of the survey were to define how these different audiences got their news, to determine which sources of information were deemed most credible and trustworthy among these groups and to assess the effect of the Internet and news technologies on these trends.


The results documented the seismic shift from traditional print and broadcast sources of information toward non-traditional media, yet also demonstrated the continued faith of these audiences in respected scientific journals. As a result, the British Embassy was able to target its outreach campaign through a combination of traditional and non-traditional media.


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