Managing Massive Acquisitions in the Finance Sector.


Mercuria energy brought on Qorvis in advance of its acquisition of JP Morgan Chase Commodities. Qorvis was required to diminish influence of adversaries, frame international news in a positive manner, and reframe the company’s global reputation. Qorvis led the public affairs strategy for Mercuria Energy Group’s acquisition of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (“J.P. Morgan”) Physical Commodities Business, following the signing of a definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement.


The acquisition helped to build upon Mercuria’s physical power, gas and oil operations in North America and by adding to the company’s client base.


Mercuria is one of the leading energy and commodity groups. With a turnover of more than USD 100 billion, the Group, primarily focused on energy, is present all along the commodity value chain with activities forming a balanced combination of commodity flows and strategic assets. More than 1,000 people are operating from offices worldwide to sustain the Group’s extensive business reach with their market knowledge, diversity, and experience.


Qorvis handled all communications and lobbying aspects of the acquisition including J.P. Morgan employees transferring to Mercuria. This included operations in Mercuria’s trading hubs of Geneva, Beijing, Shanghai, Houston; London; Calgary; Greenwich, Connecticut; and Singapore.


As part of the acquisition, Mercuria acquired Henry Bath, the historic metals warehousing, storage, and handling business. Qorvis handled the sensitive congressional investigations in the matter resulting in Mercuria operating Henry Bath as a stand-alone subsidiary independent from its trading operations.


This enabled the company to further extend the range of services offered to potential clients and counterparties while balancing its global position.


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