To showcase Adobe among key stakeholders in private enterprise and government as a thought leader with regard to document security and related issues, Qorvis proposed hosting a “Cyber Security Influencer Event” on Capitol Hill.


Qorvis developed a program in which Adobe, together with RSA Security, hosted a panel discussion on Capitol Hill with leading government security experts, and invited people from government, industry and the press to attend. Qorvis worked with Adobe’s security experts to develop a compelling topic to drive attendance to the event: “The Need for Information Security: Are the Government, Private Sector and Technology Community Adequately Addressing the Need to Protect Confidential Information? – A Discussion of Current Challenges and Best Practices.”


Qorvis used its considerable contacts in tandem with Adobe’s connections to recruit influential panellists to participate in the discussion. Qorvis then performed aggressive outreach to ensure attendance from Adobe’s key audiences – government and commercial technologists, Hill VIPs, and relevant media.


The successful event consisted of spirited discussion among the panelists and the audience on the current status of cybersecurity, as well as an evaluation of current cybersecurity efforts by business and government. In attendance were many of Adobe’s stakeholders — including systems integrators, a key strategic target for Adobe. Adobe had a prominent role at the event with signage and a speaking panelist. Most importantly, significant media were in attendance, leading to coverage in The Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, Government Computer News, IDG News, National Journal/Tech Daily and Communications Daily. A poll that Qorvis’ research arm conducted for the event, and released that morning, appeared in USA Today. In the end, Adobe was positioned as a thought leader to the mass market.


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