Tom Sharpe

Tom Sharpe

Senior Advisor

Tom Sharpe, OBE (Order of the British Empire), is a distinguished communications consultant and leadership coach known for his incisive defense commentary and strategic acumen in reputation management. With a residence in London, his expertise is sought by government departments, quasi-state organizations, and private sector companies across the UK and internationally.

Sharpe’s leadership prowess was honed over a commendable 25-year career in the Royal Navy, where he demonstrated exceptional command in leading four warships through active operations. His transition from military leadership to civilian consultancy has been marked by his ability to translate complex leadership and communication principles across various sectors – from grooming junior soldiers to advising international c-suite executives, master mariners, and top-tier banking officials.

As an authoritative voice in defense, Tom Sharpe contributes bi-weekly to The Telegraph and maintains a strong presence in the media. His insights have been featured on platforms such as BBC Newsnight, TalkTV, LBC, and LBCNews. His thought leadership extends to esteemed forums such as RUSI panels and influential podcasts hosted by Chatham House and The Telegraph.

Sharpe has a B.A. (Hons) in Defence Studies and an M.A. in International Relations from King’s College, London. His intellectual rigor and real-world experience make him a formidable strategist at Qorvis, where he continues to shape narratives and guide leaders through the delicate intricacies of reputation management and strategic communication.