John Ganjei

John Ganjei

Senior Account Executive

John Ganjei is a senior account executive at Qorvis Communications, providing web-development, social media content creation, new business development, video editing and media training support for clients across an array of industries and areas, including healthcare, local embassies and non-profit organizations. Ganjei has worked closely with clients and developers on the front and back ends of websites to develop well-rounded products. He personally took the initiative to produce a podcast series for a client, which translated into a new service offering for Qorvis clients.

Ganjei diligently finds solutions for clients and took the lead implementing a solution to record and instantly play back interviews for media training. During the pandemic, where social distancing became the norm, this resulted in delivering high-quality, effective media training more than 50 times in 2020.

Before joining Qorvis, Ganjei worked at AAMCO Transmissions, RemeGenix, Inc. and BoneGrafix, Inc. as office manager and data entry technician, respectively, working directly with the executive teams to perform guided market research based on dynamic and advanced search criteria.

Ganjei attended college while working full-time at Qorvis, where he applied his on-the-job knowledge of communications to earn his degree in communications and media studies from Montgomery College in May 2016.