Ben Abdelmoumen

Abdenbi ‘Ben’ Abdelmoumen

Chairman of the Middle East

Ben Abdelmoumen commands recognition throughout the Middle East and North Africa as a leading authority on high-tech business ventures and Middle East public affairs. His career stands as a testament to innovation, marked by a steadfast commitment to leadership and pioneering new avenues for business development.

As an integral member of Qorvis, Ben’s exceptional client counseling skills have been instrumental in forging and maintaining enduring relationships, a cornerstone of the firm’s success. Notably, his recent role as a key figure within Qorvis Communications Middle East Division, headquartered in Kuwait, underscores his profound expertise in the region. In this capacity, Ben has played a pivotal role in leveraging Qorvis’s extensive resources and knowledge to establish and fortify the firm’s presence across the Middle East, while adeptly managing high-profile accounts with precision and finesse.

Ben’s unwavering dedication and astute insights continue to elevate Qorvis’s stature as a premier Washington, DC-based communications firm, further solidifying its position as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of Middle Eastern business landscapes.