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Qorvis is committed to physical intelligence – here’s why


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By Matt J. Lauer

September means “back to the office” and “back to the classroom”—but what does this transition signify in our evolving work landscape?

With our 24/7 media cycle and global operations, flexibility is key—and AI is streamlining processes and enabling more efficient actions on behalf of our clients.

But we can’t underestimate the value of “being in the room.”

At Qorvis, we staunchly believe in the irreplaceable value of physical intelligence. Now, more than ever, we are committed to immersing ourselves in the regions and offices where our clients operate, bringing insights gained only from “being in the room”—whether it’s coming up with the winning idea while grabbing coffee with a colleague, or getting crucial intelligence over lunch or cocktails. This tactile approach leads to long-lasting relationships that unlock opportunities for clients and give them the intel they need to navigate volatile geopolitical landscapes.

In a time when many are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence, we offer a competitive edge through a blend of modern technology and grassroots intelligence, grounded in tangible, physical presence. This ensures our clients have unfiltered access to the critical information necessary for well-informed decision-making.

While many are leaning on a stay-at-home model, virtual data collection, or machine-augmented intelligence, Qorvis emphasizes the importance of physical presence. Being “in the room” provides a depth of understanding that virtual methods can’t capture. This commitment to firsthand intelligence is why the world’s most newsworthy companies choose us. Decisions require more than data; they demand trusted insights from those who have truly witnessed events unfold.

Matt J. Lauer is Chief Executive Officer of Qorvis.