Website Design

Our website design and development team has an overarching mandate: on-time delivery of a live website that meets a client's wishes, needs and vision.

We do that with award-winning strategists, designers and web developers who have the creative juice that produces ideas, tactics and products to help clients overcome challenges.

It happens through discovery, design and development.

Discovery begins with our team of business analysts conducting extensive background research on your organization, your various constituencies and your specific needs. We identify the challenges to be addressed, the opportunities waiting to be seized, and specific tactics to bring the project to life. Among the deliverables of the discovery phase are a marketing analysis, content audit, competitive analysis and sitemap.

In the design phase, we put the documentation from the discovery phase to work, creating a new and compelling visitor experience. The deliverables include moodboards, low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity wireframes, a detailed theming plan, a creative brief and color compositions.

Next, we take the documentation of the discovery phase and build out the skeleton of the site, starting the actual development process. This development will create custom modules that provide the functional blocks that the site design requires. Developing the site in a modularized and de-coupled fashion allows us to have complete separation of content, business logic and appearance. This makes maintenance easier and allows the owner to update the content or alter the look and feel or logic behind the site at any time without having to rebuild it from the ground up.

Once the full theme is established and all development and content work have been completed, we have our “beta,” or second release, and enter the pre-launch phase. After the beta launch, testing, and defect resolution are complete, we launch the site. With the website live, we continue to work with your team to address any issues that come in via customer feedback, resolving any bugs as soon as possible and giving priority to any changes that are a result of consumer feedback.

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