Public Diplomacy

Governments and multinational corporations alike face distinct challenges in sharing their stories in the public realm. Complex or high-value initiatives are often open to misunderstanding or are the target of opposing forces.

Engaging in two-way communication is the best way to ensure messages are heard and understood. By listening to target audiences and measuring reception, we refine messages—in real time—to diminish interference.

Qorvis' use of digital and online social platforms is unique to our public diplomacy programs, and provides our clients with an advantage in how they: 

  • Achieve strategic foreign policy objectives
  • Advance national interests regionally and globally
  • Enhance bilateral relations between the United States and other nations
  • Modernize internal/domestic communications capabilities
  • Assist Embassies negotiate the complexities of American media and culture

In addition, for every client, Qorvis develops a strategy tailored to cultural and demographic considerations. Our team has worked on almost every continent in the world to conduct:

  • Global media relations
  • Cultural programs
  • Academic fellowships
  • Educational exchanges
  • Social media programs
  • Search engine optimization
  • Policymaker and constituent relations
  • Crisis communications

Qorvis combines public diplomacy know-how with proven international communications and public affairs services. We offer a comprehensive menu of sophisticated products and services to engage, inform or transform the understanding of international audiences.

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