Crisis Communications

Any person and any organization can have a crisis. The days of ignoring a threat or its potential, hoping it will just go away, are long passed. You, your organization or your business will pay a harsh price if you do not prepare for a crisis. Effective crisis communications require advance planning in order to reduce negative impact -- and you need to start now.

Qorvis specialists have managed crisis-communications efforts for many of the highest-profile companies, individuals, industries and others over the past decade. We are routinely called on to help clients deal with natural and economic disasters, investor challenges, political and legal problems and media attacks.

Our crisis specialists, who draw upon decades of experience dealing with the most complicated, destabilizing and often heartbreaking crises, will work with other counsel or independent resources to help each client minimize the potential blemish to its reputation. In many cases we will be ready to recommend and implement thorough communications strategies that enable our client’s reputations to be enhanced rather than diminished.

For confidentiality reasons, our crisis communications clients cannot be listed by name. They include some of the largest global oil companies, dozens of Fortune 500 companies, associations representing major industries and professions and sovereign countries. Our crisis communications services include:

  • Message Development
  • Rapid-Response Capability
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Drafting Statements, Press Releases, and Articles
  • Crisis Media Training
  • Third-Party Ally Development
  • Creating, Staffing, and Maintaining a “War Room”
  • Online Reputation Management

The news cycle never sleeps, and the threshold for what is considered news continues to drop. One negative article, blog or tweet can mushroom into a firestorm, lingering forever in the search engines of the world. Reputations built over the years can evaporate furiously fast. Managing crisis communication and reputation requires a high degree of experience and knowledge. Use our skills and professionals and our coolness under fire to protect what you have worked so hard to earn.

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